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What charges am I likely to incur when being collected from an Airport?

Fare + Any waiting over 40mins + Car Park = Total Fare payable. Airport collections are broken down as follows: Basic fare + £5 collection charge(this is for meet & greet service, inclusive of 40mins free waiting afrom arrival of the aircraft) + Any waiting over 40mins from touch down (charged at £20p/hr)+ Car Park( for each airport parking charges differ, please visit relevant airport website for updated charges. All charges are added at the end of the journey, please also note any stops on the way will also incur additional charges. Cancellations: Heathrow & City Airport it's£20 + Car Park + Waiting / Gatwick-Stansted-Luton £30 + Car Park+ Waiting.


How do I find my driver at the airport?

Your driver should be waiting in the arrivals hall with a name board, 24H MINICAB of London will also send a text message to you on the arrival of the vehicle. In that text message, you will receive the driver's name, his mobile number, his vehicle registration number and the colour of his vehicle. You can communicate via phone with the driver. However, if you cannot find your driver in the arrival hall, please call our operating centre on 020 8819 9151.


How do I get a receipt for a debit/credit card journey?

Please note that the receipt can only be issued after a journey has been completed. Not before. During the booking, please provide our operators with an email address and 24H MINICAB of London will automatically send a web receipt on completion of your booking. If however, you have problems opening the receipt, please send an email request to or you can call us and we will email a PDF receipt to the email provided. Please note that our drivers are unable to issue any debit or credit card receipts.


I booked a standard vehicle but upon arrival the driver advised me that I need a larger vehicle! where do I stand?

There are cases where passengers underestimate the amount of luggage they are carrying or the amount of space their luggage is likely to take up. To resolve such issues we either provide you with the option of sending you a larger vehicle subject to new agreed quote or if a larger vehicle has arrived but you had only booked a standard size vehicle than again you two options: first one being that you reject the drivers claim that you need a larger vehice then the office will send a standard car at which point their should be no issue or second option is after assesing the luggage you agree with the driver than a new quote will be given to you.


I booked a standard vehicle, however a bigger vehicle turned up. Will I be charged more?

If you have booked a standard car and a larger vehicle or in some cases an executive vehicle arrives you will not be charged any extra money. Please note if you than decide to utilitse the additional space i.e with passengers or luggage then you will be charged for the bigger vehicle.


What if my flight is delayed

24H MINICAB of London will check every 20 minutes with the relevant airport regarding any delays. We will only send the driver when the airport has displayed the confirmed landing time. Note: Airport confirmations are not always 100% reliable, we endeavor to do our best but 24H MINICAB of London is not liable for these delays by the airline i.e. aborted landing, baggage, immigration etc


Do I pay the same fare every time?

All fares are automatically generated, so if you travel from A to B each time the fare should be the same. Please note only during the Peak-time the fares are 10% higher . Peak Hours are Monday-Friday 06:00-09:00 and 16:00-19:00.


What if I arrive at any of the London airports and haven't booked a car?

24H MINICAB of London has a fleet of 400 plus drivers. All you need to do is make a quick phone call to us on: 020 8819 9151 and our operators will be able to inform you of the nearest available vehicle.


How do I get a receipt for a cash journey?

Please note the receipt can only be issued after a journey has been completed. Not before. Credit card and App bookings where an email address has been provided, an automatic web receipt will be issued upon completion of your journey or transaction. To request a cash journey receipt please email to We will need your booking reference number or you can send us the date, time and the collection address of the journey. You can request for a hand written receipt at the end of your journey directly from the driver. Please note that cash / card journeys are not subject to VAT, as most drivers are not VAT registered.


Do you charge for the car park at airports?

Yes, any parking charges charged by the airport authorities are to be paid by the passenger. Parking receipts are available from your driver.


Do you charge waiting time at the airports?

We track all flights as to reduce waiting times and car park charges. Once the flight has landed, first 40 minute from the touchdown of the aircraft is included in your price. Waiting time will be charged on any waiting time incurred after the 40 minutes for example: If the driver has to wait an hour after the touchdown, you will only be charged for 20 minute waiting time at £18 per hour.


Why are airport pickups more expensive?

There are two reasons, the primary reason is that flight arrival times are hard to predict. We have to allow room for error in case the flight is early or delayed. The second is so that we can provide you a meet and greet service. So as a standard, we charge £5 more to pick you up from the airport.


I have left something in one of your cars, what shall I do?

Please check that you have all personal property with you when you exit the vehicle as we cannot guarantee the return of all items. However, all lost property found is returned to our head office and we keep a log of all items. All found property is kept safely in our office until you are able to collect it. You can contact our office via an email or call 020 8819 9151. Lost property is only kept for 90 days from the date of registration. You can collect lost property yourself. Please note that if you would like us to deliver lost property back to you, you will be charged the journey price.


How can I cancel a booking?

Bookings can be cancelled in 3 different ways. 1. Quickest and easiest is a phone call to our operating center on 020 8819 9151. 2. For smartphone users, our app gives you an option to cancel the booking. 3. You can always email us at


Will I be charged a cancellation fee?

We ask that any bookings cancelled are done so in advance so that you do not incur cancellation charges. However if the vehicle is about to arrive or has arrived outside the collection address, there will be a nominal charge. Please note that for airport collections and Executive car bookings cancellations must be made at least 1 hour in advance.


Forgot my account login/password.

If you have an account with 24H MINICAB of London but have forgotten the details, call us on 020 8819 9151 or email: and we will happily help you find what you are looking for.


What’s the difference between account and cash bookings?

Cash journeys are paid direct to the driver, this is the cheapest option. Account customers pay a premium for a priority service which is invoiced on a 30 day credit term. This means that we pay the drivers for your journeys in advance of your bill being cleared.


What are our opening hours?

Our call center / operating centers remain open through out the year (24/7).


Admin office operating hours?

Our Admin office is open on official UK office hours - Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM (excluding bank holidays)


How can I get discount?

24H MINICAB regularly runs special promotions. To get our current discounts, download our App from App Store or Play Store. Current promotions will show in the fare. App prices are cheaper then telephone bookings. Please note that our App is not compatible with Blackberry and Window devices.


Does 24H MINICAB of London check flight arrival times for airport pickups?

Yes, we will ask your flight number during the booking process and we will check every 20 minutes for any changes in your flight arrival time. If the flight is delayed, we will delay your driver.


I would like to open an account, what can I do?

If you are interested in opening an account with us, please feel free to look through our "Open an Account section" and discover all the benefits that come with an account with us. Our on-line application process is simple and straightforward. We will also be happy to speak to you and assist in setting up an account. You can call us directly on 020 8819 9151 or email our accounts team at


How do I get a receipt for an account journey?

Please note that we do not issue individual receipts for business/company accounts. An invoice containing a breakdown of individual journeys is created on a weekly/monthly basis which is generally sent to the accounts department of your business.


Is there a minimum age for a minor to travel alone with 24H MINICAB?

It is company policy that our minimum age is 14 years, please let us know at the time of booking and we will do our best to send the most appropriate driver.


I am in labour would I still be able to get a cab?

Yes, all we ask is for you to carry a towel just in case your waters breaks. Apart from that we will happily provide you a cab. If you have anything serious or an emergency please call for an ambulance.


Driver won't help take the luggage into my flat/house or come inside to give me a hand to take it to the car?

All our drivers will help you with luggage to and from the door, however as they are not insured incase something goes wrong we as a company policy do not allow drivers to enter premises.


What if my flight is early?

Long haul flights (4 hours or longer) 24H MINICAB of London starts checking long haul flights 2-3 hours before the estimated time of arrival. Short haul flights (4 hours or less): 24H MINICAB of London starts checking short haul flights 1-2 hours before the estimated time of arrival. This allows 24H MINICAB of London to detect any early or delayed flights with more accuracy.

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