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  • Your Cab Arrives in 15 Minutes
    Just compare, choose and book a cab that best suits your wallet.
  • Your Cab Arrives in 15 Minutes
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  • Just compare, choose and book a cab that best suits your wallet.
  • Just compare, choose and book a cab that best suits your wallet.
about 24H MINICAB of london

Around 1989/90 Atlas was the very first company to introduce meters (Black Cab Style) in their cars. Passengers and drivers alike, people were not prepared of such change. At the time, 24H MINICAB was written about in the newspapers and discussed on radio stations. As a consequence, 24H MINICAB went to court and was forced to take out the meters. Read More

24H MiniCab | Heathrow | Harrow & London’s Premier Minicab Service

Established in 1965, 24H MiniCab of London is one of the first Private Hire Companies in London | Heathrow | Harrow and beyond. With multiple branches and countless drivers across London ensuring that your next journey is only a moment away. Regulated by the London Transport Authority, 24H MiniCab is licensed and inspected regularly by TFL.

Having been in the marketplace for 50 years, our reputation has grown as one of the top five Private Hire Taxi Cab companies in London | Heathrow | Harrow. We offer competitive fares and an exemplary high standard of service, ensuring our customers remain at the heart of our ethos.

In keeping with the latest technologies, our popular Smart Phone App allows YOU, our customer, complete control over the booking process, including fare quotation, booking confirmations, driver details and notifications.

Urgent or Casual, all queries to 24H MiniCab of London | Heathrow | Harrow are backed by a 24-hour, 365 days a year Call Centre.

For more information read about out our rich history.

History Timeline
  • 24 H MINICAB was one of the very first minicab company in London.

    24H MINICAB 1965
  • First to introduce fare meters (Black Cab Style)

    24H MINICAB 1990
  • First to introduce Hybrid vehicles in London

    24H MINICAB 2005
  • Fleet of 400 plus vehicles

    24H MINICAB 2011
  • First to introduce cab booking mobile app.

    24H MINICAB 2012
  • Fastest growing mini-cab Company in London.

    24H MINICAB 2014